At its core this Christmas season stirs up so many memories for people; old movies, old songs, old pictures, tried and true recipes, and so much more. It’s ironic that a lot about Christmas is the things we remember, the days already gone by. Cherishing yesterday, and its memories and traditions is absolutely a major element in our celebrating, but don’t lose sight that THIS ‘right-now time’ is the only moment that you can still change the course of. This Christmas season 2013 enjoy being in the here and now, before it becomes a fond memory. And don’t get all caught up in trying to make it some Martha Stewart style holiday.Image. I was in a store yesterday, and I did NOT feel the Christmas spirit; I felt a suffocating anxiety tightening in my chest. I realized we have lost the simplicity of what it is truly all about. Surely, it should NOT be a stressful time. There is still lots of time to make this time joyful. Offer forgiveness, help the poor, open a door, buy a stranger a cup of hot coffee, reconnect with a dear friend. The joy of Christmas came to us, through a baby. Nothing could be more simple, or joyful than that!


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