While at a company bowling Christmas party with my grandkids and their parents, one of my grandsons wanted to know if there was food. When told he could go up and order anything he wanted for free, he couldn’t believe it. No, really, he didn’t believe it. He must have questioned this amazing news at least half a dozen times. Finally his dad convinced him; yes bowling and eating are free! He went flying up to the counter, and politely ordered a hot dog. As he turned to look at us, the sheer joy on his face was priceless. He exclaimed, “Are you serious!? Yes!” He proceeded to order a couple more things, (because he could…), and went bowling for hours! When returning from getting yet another free drink, he proudly said, “I feel like a president. I get to do whatever I want!” Needless to say, it was so funny to watch, and it reminded me that we as humans seem to have a hard time believing something is free. God’s love to us is still free; always has been and always will be. Just accept it, and go back for seconds and thirds, and to infinity and beyond! 


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