So, there are 13 days left till Christmas. And you may feel a bit stressed. Realistically the very first Christmas was NOT without its own kind of stress. I mean, think of it – you’re 9 months pregnant, the evil king of the land wants to kill your baby, you don’t have a hospital to go to (or anywhere, for that matter…), you are stuck riding on a donkey to get to wherever it is you are going (as slow, or slower than a horse and buggy), no pain meds., no gourmet water bottle, and to top it all off when you finally just HAVE to stop because this baby is coming, there is NO room in the Inn!! THEN to beat all, you are resigned that this baby – this King of all Kings come to earth, is going to be born in the hay. In a barn. With cows mooing. And they stink. And sheep baaing. And they stink, (and you’d probably also be annoyed they are all staring at you). And let us not forget all the other animals that were hanging out in the barn. And not a clean Downy smelling towel to be found. Now THAT my friend is the stress of the very First Christmas. Maybe now the presents you have to wrap, gifts you have to buy, and cookies you have to bake, won’t seem so overwhelming. The secret to the whole thing is simply – the babe in the manger. Keep your eyes on Him, and everything else will just be the preliminaries, and maybe a little less important. I am sure that is what got Mary through…..



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