You would think the holidays would make people feel better, feel happy, and make any bad situation seem a little brighter. Some wounds are just not healed by Buddy The Elf , and not everyone thinks Its A Wonderful Life, and even if its A White Christmas there may be no Miracle On 34th Street. In this real world we live in, depression at the holidays may be inescapable for some people. I wish there was a magic wand with real glittery fairy dust to sprinkle over someone to make everything okay. I myself have had a few Christmases that were more of a battle and challenge to get through, than joyful. Depression makes a heart heavy, and a broken heart is a pain no one can understand unless they too have had one. 
I said all that to say this ~ If you find yourself depressed, maybe you can’t change your current situation, but you could lift up your head, take a deep breath, and go do something for someone else. I promise you, this will help how you feel. My mother always told me if I was sad, that by doing something for someone else it would ease your own sadness. We by nature, are nurturers and want to help others. It’s what makes us human.
I don’t want anyone to miss a moment of the this 2013 Christmas season, when hope shines a little brighter, and the unexpected could show up. We may need a miracle, or we may be able to BE a miracle for someone else. If we all work together and care about each other; friend and stranger, just maybe – the world would be a little less dark. And light will shine a little brighter. And your heart may start to heal.


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