I have loved to write since I was in grade school. I was the kid trying to impress the teacher with my beautiful penmanship, and hopefully witty papers. In high school I got A’s in Poetry. (Yes. Poetry.) My reports always got great grades, and I wrote songs,  musicals, kids programs, and oh just about anything that needed written. BUT it never once crossed my mind to actually pursue WRITING. Not.One.TIme.

After a life where all my white picket fences were tore down, and LIFE  happened, I found I had A LOT to say. Did I write? Not really. It all got stuffed inside in the cracks and crevices of my heart. I have seen our house burn down, lost a husband to cancer, raised 6 kids, experienced depression, and had bitter experiences and painful roads to walk. Quite literally I had painful roads to walk – I had 2 bad knees. No- more like TERRIBLE knees. I was headed for a wheel chair, had I not had a Doctor friend who put it all in motion for me to get 2 brand new knees last year! (thank you Dr.Cassetta).  For ONE year of my life, I had to SIT DOWN. Really. Just sit. I watched whole entire series of TV shows (TV was NOT something I generally sat down to watch. Seriously always distracted!)

THEN A LIGHT WENT ON IN MY HEAD! THE PLANETS ALIGNED! AND I realized I HAVE TIME TO WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 and oh boy, write I did. I actually just finished a real BOOK. I am in the process of editing it, then  hopefully find a publisher, or at least some expert advice to point me in the right directions!!!. It is about NEVER giving up. I share 365 reasons why NOT to give up. And, all from my own stories, life lessons, pain, grief, joys, and all the things that make up a life lived out.

Why am I sharing this? Well, one – I still have a lot to say. (hey, women always have something to say…..:) ) AND because just maybe YOU have something inside locked up, that looks past due, or worn out, or forgotten, or dusty,….Restoration means to restore something to its original state…to lovingly polish it up, clean it, and guess what – THAT increases its value.

I CHOOSE to write, to inspire myself first, and then anyone else who possibly needs encouraged. Writing is the place I find my safety…it’s my log cabin in the woods; it’s the song my soul longs to sing; it’s the WHO of WHO I am.

Today, I hope if anyone reads this, that you lift up your weary head, and remember everything you need , is within you. Remember the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz., and how he just wanted some Courageeeeeeee (in that voice…:) – He already had it INSIDE of him!!!!!

So, go write, or sing, or feed the homeless, or take care of animals in a shelter; be a journalist, teach, be a doctor, work in retail, cook, or whatever it is that makes you feel ALIVE!   Image#IShallKeepWriting


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