You have heard the expression ’empty nest syndrome’. The problem with the nest you raise your kids in, is this. When they fly away, you are left in that nest ALONE!  All of a sudden it doesn’t feel safe and secure anymore. It starts to wobble from the slightest breeze blowing on it; and God forbid a storm comes trying to blow it away. Sitting in an empty nest that used to be jam pack full, is just NOT fun, and is actually quite unnerving.

This is where I find myself, and so today I decided to try looking at my empty nest with the Glass-Half-Full attitude. (I don’t remember ever hearing about a glass that is EMPTY….) Okay – here goes.

I can SING as loud as I want – anytime. I can stay in my pajamas for, oh a WEEK, if I want to. (Though I don’t, but I COULD). I can take random road trips, I can rule the TV remote, I don’t have to cook dinner (awww, I LIKE doing that…). Anyways, back on track – I can embrace every small joy of life that I did NOT have time to do, or to notice, and I can up and move to LA for a few months to finish the journey of my book (yup, doing that shortly)….and hey, I will go for long walks by the ocean, drink an overload of coffee, talk to myself (and God), play my music in the car  AS LOUD AS I WANT, and dance without eyes rolling at me…haha. No, not true. My kids did that with me. Geesh, Can you see the battle here? I miss EVERYTHING about my huge family; my crazy- loud- full life. I  may NEVER be a fan of this empty nest, BUT I will do what I always do – take it one day at a time.

Image My life story is just NOT over yet. And who knows, what unexpected surprises could be ahead. I choose to embrace this new chapter. I will cry, and laugh simultaneously. (Maybe I shall also wear a purple hat. 🙂 ) Um, NO.

I hope this encourages you to do the same, in whatever unfinished journey you are on. 🙂 Embrace it, and walk on. And SING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS 🙂







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