A few weeks ago we went with some people to serve hot food, and give out blankets to homeless people. All I can say is, it felt like a drop in a bucket. I cannot shake it from my mind, nor do I want to. I don’t want to forget.

One older man in a wheelchair couldn’t get to the food line; he was off to the side of the street. When someone went to get him food, and asked him his name , he paused…and sadly said…”I don’t know. No one has asked me that for such a long time.” No, I don’t want to forget.

Another lady whom someone hugged, was overcome with emotion as she tearfully said how she couldn’t remember the last time anyone hugged her. No, I don’t want to forget.

On a different day, when I was going on a fun road trip with a friend, a cardboard sign caught my eye that said – Help me. My heart was moved by the sad look on the young man’s face holding the sign. We turned around and brought him hot food. We parked the car, and walked up to him, which sadly scared him. He turned abruptly to us with an anxious look and said “Am I in trouble?” It was so sad to hear his story of being a homeless veteran of war, with many physical and mental issues. No. I don’t want to forget.

. I want to care for each and every person I see, who is standing on the side of the road holding a sign that says Hungry. Or Help me. Or Homeless. I have heard people say that you can’t tell who really needs help, and some people don’t deserve help. WHAT????? Since when is helping someone contingent on whether or not they deserve it. We ALL could be the man who can’t remember his name, or the lady who never gets hugged, or the desperate single mom with 3 young girls who has no home, or the man standing in the snow hoping for a hot cup of coffee.

Image Please join me in reaching out to the forgotten, the broken, the hopeless, the ones who feel invisible, who are cold, and hungry . One cup of coffee at a time. One hug at a time. One blanket at a time. One encouraging word at a time. One smile at a time. And, IF you are able to do more, feel free. We all can do something, whether small or large…it WILL matter to someone. No, you may not be able to change the world, but you CAN change ONE life.

I want to see their faces in every stranger I pass today, and every day thereafter. No, I don’t want to forget.






3 thoughts on “#IfItWasYou

  1. Such a beautiful post. I try to help homeless people; however, I will admit that I don’t offer any help to some because I know that they will use this money for drugs. However, you gave me a great idea, it doesn’t have to be money, I can get something different for them, like a warm cup of coffee or a meal, even a simple smile is better than nothing… Actually, yesterday on the news I saw a story which broke my heart. A homeless man was beaten in a Montreal metro, a lot of people passed by, someone even made a video; however, no one intervened or simply called 911. This is sad… We judge too much, but then by doing so, we are not any better. Thank you!


  2. Thank you Olena! It is so sad that we are quickly losing the very core of what makes us human- love! So easy really, to just offer a smile and a hot coffee. It sends a message with it – YOU MATTER!

  3. Both uplifting and sad, and for that reason, absolutely inspiring. I hope I help people in need whenever I can, but sometimes it feels like they are hard to see, like we tend to sweep them under the rug. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.
    Thanks for reminding me that I can always smile.

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