Losing someone instantly changes the whole landscape of your life. You can feel lost where you used to feel safe. And there are no words that can change this. You can find comfort and even hope, but life as you know it, is forever altered.

I think if we all truly understood that, we would tread very softly as we try to help those who are suffering the loss. Honestly, from personal experience, words are not always necessary. Acts of love ARE. Just because you have no words, doesn’t mean you should shy away.

Just show up – hug, cry, embrace, bring coffee, make a meal, send a card, give a ride, pick some flowers, bake some cookies, just sit in silence……
I promise you that way down the road, people will remember what you did, more than what you said. Not because words would be wrong, or bad….but there are just some losses that mere words cannot heal. Image


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