In the infamous Batman movie, the Joker sneers with all the Hollywood talent one actor can possibly give out in 3 words ~ “why so serious?” I have quoted that line (probably you have to..) and used it mostly to try to get a grumpy person to cheer up. (or, it has the adverse effect, and they just glare at you.)

Well, for many life is just plain SERIOUS. I certainly would never underestimate that fact either. We all could make a list of just why it is no laughing matter. Ironically though, it really is GOOD and HEALTHY  to LAUGH 🙂  It does not mean you are being foolish and giddy, and mocking the seriousness of many of the truly serious parts of life. It just means, you need to have an outlet. I have often wondered if that’s why God made some hysterically funny looking animals and bugs, and children. Children will give you back the joy of living, if you just stop and listen and observe.

So, in honor of the never ending fact that life IS a serious thing, I offer you the option to laugh.Go ahead. Do it. You will find you feel better; a little less anxious, and strengthened just enough to keep on going. It’s just what the doctor ordered 🙂 

Oh, maybe you need a good story or a good picture, to help the process. Here you go….:) Grandkid stories from my archives.


When my oldest grandchild  was 4 years old, she was walking through the store with her mom and she stops and asks: “Mom, do you think I’m still cute?” She said, ”Of course, you’re adorable!” To which my granddaughter replied: “Huh, well that lady just walked right by me, and didn’t say anything!!!”

My youngest grandchild , age 6, after a night of hearing thunder and lightning, and NOT liking it, said ~ “If I made thunderstorms, I’d only make them for during the day, so people could sleep at night!” 

When my middle granddaughter was young, she was asked what would she want, if she was stranded on a desert island. She thought just for a moment, and in her childlike thought process, said…”a boat!”


When my oldest grandson was in preschool,  the teacher asked him what the four seasons were. He didn’t even have to stop to think. He promptly answered : “Deer season. Turkey season. Rabbit season. And Fishing season.”  

 My youngest grandson explaining the tooth losing process to his little sister : ” When you lose your baby teeth your adult teeth grow in; if you lose your adult teeth you grow gold or silver teeth; if you lose those….it is just too bad for you!” 

. All together now ~ hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 🙂Image


One thought on “#WhySoSerious

  1. This is sooo true! I actually, by coincidence, was in a VERY good mood today and kept on pulling I’m pregnant jokes on my boss. it’s not a laughing matter to him though since we had 5 people who left on maternity leave over the past year. Haha! Life is too good to be serious about it all the time, we gotta enjoy it 😀


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