Join me here – hashtagsoflife

I decided to start using my blog here – hashtagsoflife. I will be posting my blogs about Young Living Essential Oils and my oily journey, right here. 🙂 I hope you will join me on this journey. 

Three years ago I was approached by a friend who was beginning her journey in learning and applying the oils in her life. She would encourage me I should jump on board, would send me samples and answer each and every random question I had thru those 3 years. Sometimes it takes some of us a little longer to catch the vision. Or it just isn’t time yet. I finally came to the conclusion that if oils were the choice of the Kings to bring to Jesus, then it seems a win-win for me – a WISE choice. 🙂

You HAVE heard of the Wise Men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus. What did they bring? I can’t hear you. Say it a little louder. OILS. This realization hit me when I first discovered the essential oils. I was like, wait a minute. Oils are NOT a new fad thing or a culture shift. They have been around since ancient days.

So the Wise Men were Kings. I don’t know if I ever really thought much about that. I would see the pictures of them coming by camel, with crowns on their heads. I would sing “We Three Kings”. But somehow, I missed the concept of who they actually were and the choice of their gifts.  They.Brought.Oils.

This is where I started to get excited and wondered WHY OILS? Why not kingdoms and thrones and cars and gift cards. Okay, so there wasn’t all of that stuff then. 🙂 They brought oils because – THAT was the most precious and valuable and expensive thing they could offer. (Wow. Just wow.) Yes, along with the two oils they also brought gold. Each was costly and also symbolic. Frankincense is a healing oil. It is even called the KING of oils. It is sweet smelling; symbolic of pure worship.  Myrrh was the next oil – it was used in embalming the dead; a holy anointing oil. Together the two oils came – worship and suffering. Most of our own personal experiences in life come wrapped in these two experiences – sweet and bitter; joy and image

If the Wise Men knew that oils were the perfect choice of gifts for the new baby Jesus, then they were on to something WE in the 21st century need to stand up and take notice of. We NEED pure oils in our lives. It will minister to our bodies AND to our souls.

#GoodEnoughForTheWiseMenThenGoodEnoughForMe #FrankincenseIsOnMyFriendList


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