Corine Channell

Bio: I am a recent empty-nester (if that is not a word, it ius now.) I was widowed at age 47, and raised 6 kids; also have 9 grandchildren. These people are THE most important part of my life, and the WHO of who I became. We have all come through a long journey filled with extreme highs and lows, joys and deep sorrows, detours, delays, upside down days, and have learned that life in the real world does NOT include a white picket fence. Because I have experienced roads of life I never expected to walk down, it has given me a great love and compassion for the broken, the forgotten, the ones who feel they have crossed the line, the ones who have fallen and can't get up...and my hope now, in this season of my life, is to take all the things I have learned, and have yet to learn, and present them to you....as, what I call - the hash tags of life. A hash tag is by definition just a word or group of words that describes something. (yes, and twitter accounts...) I am loving this new chapter of my life, and I am no longer afraid of falling between the cracks.

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