I am relocating 3000 miles away from where I have lived for, oh….my whole life of 57 years. East coast girl going west! NY to LA. I have people telling me I am so brave…blah blah blah. I don’t feel brave. I don’t think Brave is even a feeling. To me, it is a CHOICE. Kind of like, jumping out of  a plane. Yup, definitely feels like that. Again, remember I am NO spring chicken. A young person who is all of 18 packs his duffle bag, grabs his guitar, a roll of quarters and with hopes and dreams, moves to Nashville. Just a feeling? No. A choice. 

David the shepherd boy probably didn’t FEEL brave when he looked up at Goliath ( you know, the GIANT). He surely felt  very small. (literally) BUT he CHOSE to be brave; to be the ONLY one who would face the giant. He CHOSE to put himself in harms way. He CHOSE to take a risk. (again, key word GIANT. I have visuals of he could have stepped on poor little David). 

We all have moments (or even just ONE), where we can be swallowed up by fear of the unknown, and it can paralyze us from maybe THE greatest moment of our life. David killed Goliath with one.small.stone. One. Small.Stone. He took a risk. He chose to take the road less traveled. (armies of big adult men were standing behind him NOT in support, but quivering in fear). Was David brave? Yes, very much so. But it was a choice to be that way. Not a feeling. The FEELING, I think, came after, when he cut Goliath’s head off !!!!! 🙂

Maybe you want to write a book, go be a singer in Nashville, become a great artist, travel the world, save the dolphin, be a missionary to parts unknown, or just be the best server at Wendys, whatever you choose to do, choose to be BRAVE. 

The definition of BRAVE is ~ “ready to face and endure danger or pain” Or, in some other words, to endure being uncomfortable. Or willing to pay the price. Don’t just hope to feel it, CHOOSE it. In the words of John Wayne ~” Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyways.”