I truly hate when I hear judgmental words. I desperately try to keep my thoughts, opinions, judgments, and needless words to myself. I usually find if i was to say them, they would probably be wrong anyways, or based on something I didn’t know enough about to give my opinion in the first place. (insert deep breath….)

I will offer one example, although I could think of…well, hundreds! When you hear the words ‘Skid Row’, you instantly think what? I will say it. You think ‘drunk laying in the street’. And go a bit further, and most people would at least think to themselves, that the drunk doesn’t deserve help. He got himself there; his problem.

I call that a misplaced judgment. We don’t know all the details of his life. We have no way of understanding the deep level of pain or loss or abuse or tragedy, that drove him to the street. Oh, and even if it was a failure that took him down, still we have no right to judge. Something broke him into shattered pieces. It didn’t probably happen overnight. It was a long, dark process of a downward spiral.

So, should we judge him? No. Should we care about someone who is down and out? Yes. If we cease to care, we cease to be human. And where does humanity end up? We all make mistakes. We all fail. We all could be in someone else’s shoes, and boy ~ THEN would we ‘get it’. Maybe we didn’t end up as a drunk in the streets, because we made good choices, had a lot of love extended to us, kept our noses clean, and life was just, well – good to us. In THAT case, we need to take our full hands of love, (and clean noses) and go lift up the fallen.

I go to a church right in the heart of Hollywood called OneChurch LA ,who is taking care of homeless people on  Skid Row, on a weekly basis. I LOVE that they refer to this place as Hope Row. Everyone deserves to have the FREE gift of HOPE extended to them!  This Easter,OneChurch LA along with some other organizations, are taking extending hope and love a little further than I have ever heard before….they are going to go down there, and wash the feet of those in the streets!! I have no words for this. Most people in general do NOT like feet. No , really. Unless you are privy to get to go get pedicures on a regular basis, or blessed with rare pretty feet, most of the human race would not be thrilled with washing someone elses feet. Just sayin…..

Well, let me put it into perspective. They are going to wash the feet of those who others have forgotten their names. Maybe a bar of soap has NOT seen their feet in….weeks, or months…..For someone to come and lovingly do that, could bring some much needed dignity back to someone who feels less, and feels forgotten, and feels like trash. What an amazing gesture of humility and love. Ever heard of the actual ritual of foot-washing? (and no, not at the local spa.)

Here you go ~  “When Jesus had finished washing their feet, He put on His clothes and returned to His place. `Do you understand what I have done for you?’ He asked them…. `Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet’ ” (John 13: 12, 14)
In the days of dusty roads and open-toed sandals, feet often became dirty, and it was the job of the lowest servants to wash the guests’ feet. But Jesus set an example of service by doing this job Himself!! His actions spoke a silent message of love, that said~