I am not a runner; I do however understand the whole concept of it. You run to get to a goal;  you run to reach a finish line; you run for a cause; you run to get healthy; you run to de-stress; you run because something inside you drives you to do it. 

So I guess I AM a runner, in this great race we call LIFE. Today I was thinking how I found some victory and some closure in some decision making; only to totally get slapped up side the head as I rounded the next corner. It just reminded me NEVER to assume, never to get too comfortable, and NEVER to think I have arrived at the finish line. (yet)

I like to compare life to a long road. It is a journey, not a destination – as the saying goes. This so helps me when I face something unexpected, or something I did NOT see coming, or some unthinkable tragedy. It’s just the road I am on. This road for all of us, has different landscapes, and different hurdles to jump, but we are all headed to a finish line. Our attitude must be – I will NOT give up. I will NOT look back. I will NOT be distracted. I will NOT whine or play the victim. I WILL run this race all the way to the end, no matter what next hurdle pops up in front of me. I will actually LOOK ahead, and figure its COMING, so I need to be ready to JUMP OVER IT.


My eyes are wide open, and fixed on the goal. 🙂 



I am a creature of habit. I like to be organized; and have all my ducks in a row. Well, my ducks have all waddled away, or got shot. I am at a very unorganized season of my life; and I can’t put ducks in a row that simply are not there. I speak in analogy, but maybe someone knows the feeling. I realize it’s MY choice how I respond to where I find myself. I refuse to miss the fresh new moments a day holds, because I feel temporarily rattled. The sun just came up as it always does, and THAT is good enough for me. The rest is always open for discussion. 🙂Image